About Us

Center for Peace Studies (CPS) is a research center established in 2008 at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. The Center’s research activity is concerned with a wide range of issues related to war and peace. The Center strives to promote the values of peace and nonviolence, and also to focus on understanding conflicts, both regional and global. It is a dynamic institution where theory and practice merge enriching the graduate and postgraduate programs the Faculty of Political Sciences offers.

CPS has a very good communication and cooperation with some of the most recognized scientist in the field of Peace Studies, such as Johan Galtung and Jan Oberg. They are also our frequent guests and visiting lecturers in our courses, and honorary members of the Center’s Council. CPS is laso working with organizations such as Nansen Dialogue and Transcend University. On a regular basis, Center is organizing various seminars and workshops.


The Center is currently engaged in a research project “Ethnic Stereotypes and National Myths as an Obstacle to Reconciliation: Albanian – Serbian Relations”, funded by the Berghof Foundation for Conflict Studies from Germany. Also, CPS is a part of regional project South-East European Master in Peace Studies in collaboration with University of Sarajevo, University of Zagreb, University of Basel and Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding (Switzerland). Project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. 


The Center for Peace Studies is headed by Radmila Nakarada (PhD in Sociology, 1987), full-time professor in Peace Studies at the FPS since 2008. The Center relies on work of young researchers, PhD, MPhil and MA candidates.

Technical Equipment

On its disposal, CPS has the office at the Faculty, conference hall, PC and laptops, projector, broadband internet, printer, fax machine, etc. CPS can also use FPS facilities which among many others other include: classrooms room for simultaneous translation, computer center with 21 PC, PR office, library, etc.

Radmila Nakarada

Goran Tepšić