Globalization and New Challenges to Peace

Course Description

The focus of the course is on explaining process of globalization, different interpretations of its nature and consequences, as well as detailed consideration of economic, political, technological, environmental and cultural interdependence of the world. Special attention will be devoted to the globalization agents and challenges. This course gives a realistic image of the global process, which includes its contradictory character and effects, and necessity of creative adaptation to globalization, particularly in small peripheral countries. Delineation of the worldwide scene will include new conflicts that globalization brings, as well as its potential for peace. Course objectives are to facilitate closer understanding of major processes that change the world map, to discern objective, unstoppable process of globalization from its historical forms, to understand the disparities and complex relations that bring new conflicts and weaken democracy at the global level.


Course bibliography can be downloaded here.

Grading System
Activity during the class is awarded with a maximum of 30 points.
Paper exam is awarded with a maximum of 70 points.
Final grade is calculated as follows:

  • 51 – 60 points     –  grade 6
  • 61 – 70 points     –  grade 7
  • 71 – 80 points     –  grade 8
  • 81 – 90 points     –  grade 9
  • 91 – 100 points   –  grade 10

Timetable of lectures can be downloaded here